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So, About This…

Space Monkey Presents: Designing for Mobile.

That’s right, folks, I’m tackling a new venture. I’m now exploring mobile interaction design. Look out for posts chronicling my design process, including user studies, visual research, and prototyping for mobile apps.

A Love for the Moving Image, Designing Motion Graphics.

Name’s Michael. Since I was child, countless films have captured my imagination and played my emotions.

Now, as a young twenty-something-year-old, what was once a casual interest has evolved into a serious passion; my love for film continues to propel my creative endeavors.

In a world full of smart phones, the internet, and Adobe, the concept of the Moving Image is seen everywhere, and the art form is virtually limitless.

This blog serves as an ever-expanding saga of my personal exploration into the study of the Moving Image. Here, I will discuss my own research into the subject, and I will be creating and experimenting with Gifs (that’s a hard “G,” fellas), stop-motion photography, and the like, all while keeping you up to date with the complex processes involved in creating such projects.

From one Space Monkey to another, let’s go for a ride.

About the Author.

Michael Amato, 22, is a graphic designer and aspiring creator.

His current goals are to maintain a successful design blog and lose a few pounds in time for the summer.