UPDATE: Space Monkey GIF


The above image is a revision of a piece I created last week.

My original piece was an initial attempt at creating a GIF image in Photoshop. The piece had several issues, namely that the spaceship moved too slowly across the screen, and the “Space Monkey” text flashed too rapidly.

I addressed the slowness by removing excess frames of the spaceship, which sped up its movement quite significantly. I also adjusted the text so that it appears briefly before disappearing, and I removed the flashing of it altogether.

Overall, these changes improve my image immeasurably, and they also serve to implement a small story.

Using what I’ve learned from my recent readings, my revisions give a small story to the piece. Originally, my image was just a loop of a flying spaceship and flashing text; now, the piece features a beginning (where the spaceship enters the frame), a middle (the ship beams out “Space Monkey”), and an end (the ship exits frame, and “Space Monkey” disappears with it).


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