VIDEO: Friendly Post-It 2.0


The above video is a re-shoot of a stop motion piece I made last week.

My first video was a necessary experiment that enriched my understanding of the medium, but it had many flaws; a lack of tripod resulted in a shaky image, lighting was poor, and the background was messy and distracting from the subject on screen.

My new video tackles the aforementioned flaws of its predecessor. I’ve since acquired a tripod, which has improved my image and framing, and I have also used a different location with much better lighting. I also implemented a simple red background which is far less distracting than the carpet used in my last attempt.

All of these improvements really improve the quality of my video, but those who have seen my past video will notice another key change…

Branching off of my most recent readings, I approached this re-shoot as an opportunity to implement a structured story into my piece. Originally, I had a simple concept: a Post-It crawls over to the viewer, smiles, and then reveals vicious fangs before charging at the camera. While this was effective, I decided to take things a step further; the new piece features two Post-It characters, and the overall piece features a clear and effective beginning-middle-end structure with character interaction and a humorous conclusion.


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