GIF: An Intro to Cinemagraphs!


All images shown in this post were created by me, using original video footage.

Cinemagraphs are GIF images created from video frames. Using a layer mask, one can isolate specific areas of the image to keep in motion. In the case of the above image, I isolated the clock pendulum to continuously swing, but I kept the rest of the image masked to a single frame. By doing this, I am able to create an image with a single moving element, and this also allowed for consistency in the shot (the actual video frames had constant changing shadows and lighting as a result of the pendulum reflecting light).

I also made the following example, where I isolated the pan cooking the chicken.


These two examples showcase the charm and simplicity of cinemagraphs. By isolating select areas to keep animated, one can create a fun illusion of an animated image. I will definitely continue to experiment with cinemagraphs in the future.

If you’d like to try out cinemagraphs for yourself, check out this tutorial.



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