Color Me Educated (Reflecting on Readings)

What follows are my takeaways from chapter 4 of Liz Blazer’s “Animated Storytelling” and chapter 4 of Jon Krasner’s “Motion Graphic Design.”

Click here for my thoughts on chapter 3 of each book.


In Chapter 4 of Blazer’s Animated Storytelling, she introduces the process of planning out the color choices for a given project. This reading enhanced much of what I had learned from the previous chapters of Blazer’s book. For example, Blazer illustrates the importance of choosing colors that complement the theme of your piece.

The chapter then explains the importance of experimenting by implementing color into your storyboards. In short, this chapter beautifully illustrates how color can be implemented in order to supplement the story of your project. In the future, I will experiment with color in my storyboards in order to find those choices which best serve the theme and story of my projects.

In addition to Blazer’s newest chapter, Krasner’s fourth chapter in Motion Graphic Design gives a good overview of the history of motion graphics in interactive media. This chapter illustrates innovations and the evolution of the mediums use for apps, websites, and beyond. The chapter also details JavaScript and JQuery, which has revolutionized animations and motion graphics for websites, which I have previous experience working with.

Overall, these readings offered a great of information, and Blazer’s details on use of color will definitely affect how I approach planning my future projects.


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