The Importance of Type & Effective World Building (Reflecting on Readings)

What follows are my takeaways from chapter 7 of Liz Blazer’s “Animated Storytelling” and chapter 7 of Jon Krasner’s “Motion Graphic Design.”

Click here for my thoughts on chapter 6 of each book.


In Chapter 7 of Animated Storytelling, Blazer takes us into the depths of world building. In short, she excellently illustrates the importance of establishing the “world” that your given project takes place in. World building consists of many elements, not the least of which is the look of the environment(s) itself.

In addition to the aesthetic of your world, you should also consider and establish the laws, physics, and inhabitants of your world. These are but some of the things which you should consider when building your world. When world building, certain areas may not require establishing, depending on what your story demands. Generally, the more you establish, the more believable and, for lack of a better term, complete your world and overall piece will feel.

In chapter 7 of Krasner’s Motion Graphic Design, he details the ever-developing history of type in graphic design and motion graphics. As he describes, value, color, and texture are all significant elements that, when combined with type, can effectively convey theme and emotion throughout an animation or motion graphic. Additionally, certain fonts are more appropriate for conveying certain messages than others, and choosing those fonts which work best is crucial when designing a piece.

Blazer’s chapter bestows upon me the crucial knowledge needed to infuse lush world building into my future projects, and Krasner has given me insight into the creative possibilities that can result from experimentation with type in future motion graphic projects.


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